Your e-Gift quest begins here...
Make your e-Gift FUN
Don’t just give a
plain eGift Card
Give an interactive
& fun experience

Give them the challenge of decoding a secret phrase to access and activate their eGift!

Cryptogram Interactive Gift Card

Use your own phrase up to 180 characters.

Give them the challenge of putting together a mystery jigsaw puzzle to access and activate their eGift!

Choose from a variety of occasion images.

Give them the challenge of reaching a target score in a round of pinball to access and activate their eGift!

Interactive Gift Card Pinball

Currently only available for Birthdays.

***Patents Pending***

Mission 1.

Select a Brand

Choose an eGift card from our great selection of popular name brands.

Amazon, Best Buy, Visa, Ulta, Panera…

Mission 2.

Choose a Game

Make your eGift memorable with a ByteFrost mini-game. View your cart to choose and personalize.

**Patents Pending**

Mission 3.

Who and When

Send your ByteFrost eGift by email and choose to send now or later. During checkout simply indicate recipient email and delivery date.

Verified Purchase

Travis S."I sent several visa egift cards with the jigsaw for Christmas. My nieces and nephews were thrilled! Will be sending for birthdays."

Received a Starbucks egift with eGift Jigsaw.

Mike J."I played the game and loved it!"

Verified Purchase

Barb S."Great way to send an egift. I sent a Visa egift to my daughter for her birthday and she loved the puzzle."